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The end of summer is approaching and with it comes our August newsletter! In this issue, we get to meet Desmond Bowe, the head of the Marketing Working Group in our Water Cooler discussion. Plus, we get a look at one of the Foundation’s founding corporate sponsors, AdRoll, in Why Do We Care. Don’t forget to check the Ecosystem News section for the Phoenix Phrenzy and a view of Partisan! #WeBeamTogether “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Working Group Water Cooler

Name and Role in the Working Group Desmond Bowe. I lead the Marketing Working Group.

What is the primary goal of the working group? Describe in reference to the community benefits. The Marketing group is responsible for promoting community and Foundation activities. Our audience is both internal and external- we communicate to the Ecosystem itself, and also to the wider tech industry about the benefits of the platform. Our goals are to support community organizers

How does the group determine what to focus on? Is there a way for the community to collaborate? At every meeting we ask ourselves how we can expand and support the community. This year has been spent largely on developing the infrastructure for the Foundation - hosting the website, creating the membership workflow, setting up the mailing list. Those tasks are (mostly) behind us, so the next big piece is to centralize community resources and, as much as possible, facilitate communication. We’re not trying to take over the excellent work that’s been done on the Slack channels, Meetups, conferences, etc. We just want to make sure that folks aren’t operating in silos, and that the community isn’t duplicating efforts. How can you help? Send us ideas! Especially if you’re an organizer of a Meetup, conference, etc, or would like to be. And we always need help with our website!

What is the group currently focused on? Are there initiatives planned? We’d like to highlight work done by individuals in the community. Significant contributions to open-source is what keeps technologies rolling and we want to recognize the efforts that so many have put in. We’re also exploring a way to get Elixir developers more involved in OTP/BEAM development. Get in touch if you’re interested :).

Have long term initiatives been discussed? Describe based on priority and benefit. We would like to publish case studies and white papers to inform decision-makers about the benefits of the the Ecosystem. Too often managers reach for the JVM or CLR without even considering the BEAM. We’d like to change that.

How can the community help in supporting the group? Are there projects that need contributes or collaborators? Our website!.

What is the best way for the community to stay informed on the working group’s initiatives? Follow us on twitter! We run the twitter account, so you’ll hear about our activities there first. We also keep an open list of ongoing work on our github page.

Sponsor Testimonial - Why Do We Care?

We invest deeply and depend heavily on the open-source libraries and tools that power up our infrastructure. Maintaining and improving those projects is a big challenge for their contributors, with many of them not being backed up by any company big or small. We believe that the EEF can help on the area a lot.

Brujo Benavides Erlang Developer & Trainer @ AdRoll

AdRoll is one of the founding corporate sponsors of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation and recently released a blog post talking about why they choose to sponsor the foundation. If your company depends on the BEAM and its libraries and tools, please consider becoming corporate sponsors and show your support for the community! You can read more about AdRoll’s decision to sponsor the Foundation in Brujo’s full article .

Last Chance to Become a Founding Sponsor

It’s the last chance to become a founding sponsor for the EEF. Show your support for the community, the BEAM languages, and the foundation itself by becoming a founding sponsor. Join the other great founding sponsors here .

Ecosystem News

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Stay tuned for exciting updates about the EEF and the wider Ecosystem community. The buzz is building and it’s a great time to be working with this technology.If you have any questions or things you’d like to see in this newsletter, please let us know at marketing !

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