The EEF participates in many events related to the BEAM Community.

Vintage Cellphone: Bridging the Past and Future with Elixir

August 01 - August 01, 2024

VintageCell is an innovative project by Bryan Green that transforms a 1930s era rotary phone into a functional modern cellphone using the Elixir programming language and the Nerves framework. By leveraging the robust concurrency and fault tolerance of Elixir, VintageCell integrates a Raspberry Pi Zero and a WaveShare SIM7600G-H 4G modem to recreate the tactile experience of a vintage phone with contemporary cellular capabilities. This project not only showcases the versatility of Elixir and Nerves in managing embedded systems but also provides a nostalgic, user-friendly interface that blends the charm of the past with the technology of today. Join us to explore how VintageCell opens up new possibilities for the fusion of retro hardware and modern software.

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The Nerves Project defines a new way to build embedded systems using Elixir.

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ElixirConf 2024

August 27 - August 30, 2024

ElixirConf® 2024 is a three-track, multi-day conference for Elixir enthusiasts held at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® in Orlando, August 27-30.

August 23 FRI: Virtual Training August 27 TUE: In-person Training August 28-30 WED-FRI: Speakers with 2.5 days of jam packed Elixir info Meet with the developers and companies that are shaping the future of Elixir.

Put yourself in a position to exchange ideas, discover new opportunities, and see firsthand the latest developments that Elixir has to offer.

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Erlang Workshop

September 02 - September 02, 2024

The Erlang Workshop aims to bring together the open source, academic, and industrial communities of Erlang-like languages (e.g., Elixir, Erlang, Akka, Clojure), including the concurrent, distributed systems, and fault-tolerant communities.

The workshop will enable participants to familiarize themselves with recent developments on new techniques and tools, novel applications, draw lessons from users’ experiences and identify research problems and common areas relevant to the practice of Erlang-like languages, functional programming, distribution, concurrency etc.

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Code BEAM Europe 24

October 14 - October 15, 2024

Join the major European event for Erlang and Elixir users Erlang and Elixir share the same Virtual Machine, the BEAM. This ingenious little bit of technology is perfect for fault-tolerant, resilient applications that scale to billions of users, which is one of the biggest challenges facing developers and companies today. Code BEAM has united Erlang & Elixir developers for years to grow and progress the community in the spirit of Share. Learn. Inspire.

Meet people and companies using and developing high performance, fault-tolerant and resilient applications that scale to billions of users in production in areas like Fintech, eCommerce, IoT, Gaming, Blockchain, Security, Machine Learning and more.

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Nerves Online Meetup - Jan

October 31 - February 01, 2024

Time to hang out, chat about Nerves, discuss projects you’re working on, and get help.

Would you like to give a presentation? Contact Alex with your topic to get on the schedule!

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The Nerves Project defines a new way to build embedded systems using Elixir.

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Code BEAM America 2025

March 06 - March 07, 2025

The major North American event for Erlang and Elixir users. Two days filled with inspiring talks, networking, and all things BEAM.

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