Infrastructure Working Group

Provide technical support and services to the BEAM community

Mission Statement

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation Infrastructure Working Group (Infra-WG) exists to provide technical support and services to the BEAM community.

Benefits to the community

  • Any WG approved by the Board is automatically eligible for services.
  • The Infra-WG will offer all services to all WG, but subject to resource constraints and other potential availability restrictions.
  • Final say in what services can be provided rests with the Board.
  • New services may be added at the discretion of the Board.

Short term deliverables

  • Provide communication infrastructure to all Working Groups including but not limited to mailing-lists, mail addresses and group chat.
  • Centralised file storage

Long term deliverables

  • DNS
  • Server and applications hosting
  • SSL certificates

Why does this group require the Foundation

The Infra-WG provides services to approved Erlang Ecosystem Foundation Working Groups (WGs), Erlang community groups, and organizations recognized by the Board of Directors (Board) as being critical to the success of the mission of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

Initial list of volunteers

  • Benoit Chesneau
  • Maxim Fedorov
  • Bryan Paxton
  • Peer Stritzinger
  • Alistair Woodman

Peer Stritzinger
Peer Stritzinger
Bryan Paxton
Bryan Paxton
Benoit Chesneau
Benoit Chesneau
Maxim Fedorov
Maxim Fedorov
Alistair Woodman
Alistair Woodman
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