Fellowship Working Group

Mission Statement

Formally nominate community members for a fellowship role according to the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation bylaws. Creating and maintaining the criteria and procedure for nomination of fellows.

Main Objectives

  • Nominate fellows to the Foundation

Benefits to the community

  • Recognize the efforts of long term community members and participants
  • Provide the foundation with the input of said members

Short term deliverables

  • Establish requirements for a fellowship nomination as per the bylaws
  • The first round of fellows nominations for the Foundation’s first year

Long term deliverables

  • Yearly fellowship nominations

Why does this group require the Foundation

  • The group is mandated by the bylaws; the foundation needs it.
  • The group defines the criteria for an entire member category for the foundation.

Initial list of volunteers

  • Francesco Cesarini
  • Kenneth Lundin
  • Jose Valim
  • Benoit Chesneau

You can reach us at: fellows@erlef.org

Benoit Chesneau
Benoit Chesneau
Francesco Cesarini
Francesco Cesarini
Kenneth Lundin
Kenneth Lundin
José Valim
José Valim