Education, Training & Adoption Working Group


News & Contact

Please contact us at and checkout our blog for news and updates.

Mission Statement

Facilitate, evolve education and training and consolidate educational material(s) for all BEAM languages and the BEAM itself.

Benefits to the community

  • Be a resource to find information on how to educate on the BEAM technologies
  • Be a resource that you could use to encourage your company to adopt the BEAM technologies.
  • Facilitate education and training on the BEAM languages.

Short term deliverables

  • Make an analysis of the gaps in the current state of the field so we can identify how to best help the community.
  • Create a plan and present it to the board so they can allocate resources whenever necessary.

Long term deliverables

  • Help grow the community by providing ramp-up materials and training to fill the gaps that have been identified.
  • Coordination work with different organizations both commercial and non-profit to foster support for BEAM technologies. Some examples are bridges, conferences, meetups & user groups.
  • Provide educational resources for corporate decision-makers who are researching Ecosystem technologies

Why does this group require the Foundation

  • A point of organization, resources, influence, and provision of funds for training and educational purposes.
  • A trusted and canonical source of educational materials and guidance.
  • Companies that are considering investing in this Ecosystem want to see a robust community, which includes active Foundation involvement

Initial list of volunteers (in alphabetical order)

    • Brujo Benavides
    • Desmond Bowe
    • Francesco Cesarini
    • Fred Hebert
    • Ben Marx
    • Anna Neyzberg
    • Bryan Paxton
    • Miriam Pena
    • Todd Resudek
    • Peer Stritzinger
    • Mrinal Wadhwa
    • Alistair Woodman